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Online Quizzes

Check out this wonderful article about creating online quizzes.

Free Technology for Teachers



Technology Timesavers for Teachers

This is a great article about how one teacher uses her iPad and apps to save her time and keep her organized.  She has lots of really good ideas for utilizing an iPad.


by Jill Scott on March 29, 2012

Assessing Student Progress Using Blog-Based Portfolios

A Great Tool to Continuously Assess Progress

by Kathy Cassidy

This is a wonderful article about using blogs for assessing students who are as young as first grade.  Blogs are a great way to find out if a student has mastered a concept of skill and is ready to move. on.  Really fabulous authentic assessment ideas here!


QR Codes

The use of QR codes in classrooms is growing rapidly.  They can be used for so many different things!!  Here is a video that can help you get started using QR codes.  I especially like the idea of having kids make an audio recording of themselves and then creating a QR code of the recording.  People can scan the code to listen to the report.  Very Cool!


Instead of having your students create a poster, try having your students create a Glogster.  This is an interactive poster that students can create and add music and video.  Great idea for using technology for assessment.  Check out this You Tube video to help you get started.


Using Technology To Create Presentations- Move Over Power Point!

Monica Burns’ Blog has great ideas for the 1:1 Classroom.  Her article, “Creating Engaging Presentations With Free iPad Apps” is another wonderful source.  Teachers can create fun presentations to share with their students, or students can use the iPad to create presentations for assessment purposes.  Read her blog for great ideas.  Some of the free apps mentioned are Haiku Deck, Prezi, ScreenCasting, Educreations and Snap Guide.


Using Technology For Assessment

Check out this great article by Libby Gray Brien.  “Best Tech Tools For Classroom Assessment”


Wonderful ideas here including, the use of Google Docs, using iPads as clickers, creating online portfolios, blogs, and online performance tasks for assessment.

My New Favorite

Have I mentioned how much I love www.internet4classrooms.com ?!  This is a great place to start when looking for games to play on  your interactive whiteboard or student computers.  Everything is broken down by grade level, skill, or common core standard.  Instead of doing a random internet search, start your search on this website.

Richard Byrne shared the following information about the Story Creator App on his blog iPad Apps for School

Story Creator – Create Your Own Narrated Picture Books on Your iPad

story_creator Last week I attended one of Kathy Schrock’s excellent presentations about teaching with iPads. I quickly filled up five pages in a Penultimate notebook while listening to Kathy. One of the apps that she shared that was new to me was Story Creator. Story Creator is a free iPad app that makes it easy to create narrated picture books on your iPad.

To create a narrated picture book on Story Creator start by inserting a picture as your book’s cover. To create a page just tap the “+” icon and import a picture, draw a picture, type some text, or do all three. After completing one or all three of those previous actions tap the microphone icon to record your narration. After making your recording you can quickly adjust it so that each word of text is highlighted to match the timing of your narration.


My only complaint about Story Creator is that in order to share your stories you either have to share them on Facebook or create a Story Creator account to share them with others via email. If you share them via email your recipient needs to have Story Creator on his or her iPad in order to play your story.