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Online Quizzes

Check out this wonderful article about creating online quizzes.

Free Technology for Teachers



Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment enables teachers to make frequent checks of students’ progress and understanding. Students receive immediate feedback, and instruction can then be modified based upon the assessment in order to best meet the needs of the student.  Technology allows teachers to formatively assess students.  The following article provides some excellent information about formative assessment:

Show What You Know As You Go: A Different Spin on Assessment:

Assessments should be taken throughout the learning process, not just at the end.

By Grant Wiggins
This article originally published on 7/1/1997


Socrative is an amazing app for teachers, and it is FREE!!  It allows you to create quizzes, surveys and polls and send them from your iPad to your students’ iPads.  Students can then answer the questions and they receive immediate feedback.  Immediate results are also sent back to the teacher’s iPad.  Did I mention this was a free app?!  Amazing!

Here’s a video with more information to help you get started.

Making It Click: Assessment with Technology

Teaching Channel

Here’s another wonderful video from Teaching Channel. This video showcases a high school math teacher using a clicker system.  She likes the clickers because they provide students with immediate feedback.  She also says they are fast paced and fun which really engages the students.  The students are anonymous so they don’t have to experience anxiety over a wrong answer.  Check it out!


Assessing Student Progress Using Blog-Based Portfolios

A Great Tool to Continuously Assess Progress

by Kathy Cassidy

This is a wonderful article about using blogs for assessing students who are as young as first grade.  Blogs are a great way to find out if a student has mastered a concept of skill and is ready to move. on.  Really fabulous authentic assessment ideas here!


Podcasting To Personalize Feedback

Here’s another great idea for using technology in the classroom.  Podcasts are a fantastic way to offer feedback to students.  Or how about having students make podcasts for summative assessments?


Teaching Channel

English Language Arts / Teacher
Johnston, Iowa

Text What You Learned- Using Technology To Assess

I love this video about using cell phones to assess learning in the classroom!


QR Codes

The use of QR codes in classrooms is growing rapidly.  They can be used for so many different things!!  Here is a video that can help you get started using QR codes.  I especially like the idea of having kids make an audio recording of themselves and then creating a QR code of the recording.  People can scan the code to listen to the report.  Very Cool!

Student Portfolios- Part 2

Another way to create student portfolios is using the app Three Ring.  Did I mention that this is another free app?!  Check out the following article from Free Technology For Teachers for more information.


Student Portfolios

Student portfolios are a fabulous way to organize work and provide authentic assessment.  The following article provides directions for using the Google Drive App to create  student porftolios.

Thanks again to the website Free Technology For Teachers!http://ipadapps4school.com/2012/12/16/how-to-use-the-google-drive-ipad-app-to-create-student-portfolios/