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Teacher and Blogger Anne Gardner writes about the Literactive website for early readers.  If you are a primary teacher or even preschool or kindergarten, be sure to check it out.


Differentiating Instruction Through Interactive Games

This is a fantastic video from a second grade teacher showing how he uses computer games to differentiate his math instruction.

Common Core

If your school is adopting Common Core Standards, be sure to check out these great resources!

I love this website.  There are different categories for grade levels and subject matter.  If you go to the common core section, select your grade and then select the specific standard you are working on.  You will then get a list of several internet games and resources that correlate to the standard.  What a great time saver!

Another fantastic place to look for Common Core resources is  Just enter what you are looking for in the search box and you are sure to have several ideas in just a matter of seconds. is one of my favorite resources.  There are things here for everyone from preschool teachers through high school.  The items are created by teachers.  Many are free and others are offered for a small fee.  Save yourself some time and support your fellow teachers by purchasing their products.  I have never been disappointed after a visit to this website!


Mastery Connect has a free common core app that is available in the iTunes store ass well as Android Market and Windows Store.  Their website, is dedicated to helping teachers with formative common core assessments as well as tracking individual student mastery of standards.