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15 Things You Can Do With Edmodo & How To Get Started

My son uses edmodo at school (6th grade) and it is great!



Free Technology for Teachers



Try it out for yourself!

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Running Record Toolbox

iPhone Screenshot 1 This app looks awesome for all reading teachers.  Created by teachers and available for just 99  cents.  Download it for your iPhone or iPad.  Here is more info:

Technology Timesavers for Teachers

This is a great article about how one teacher uses her iPad and apps to save her time and keep her organized.  She has lots of really good ideas for utilizing an iPad.

by Jill Scott on March 29, 2012


Socrative is an amazing app for teachers, and it is FREE!!  It allows you to create quizzes, surveys and polls and send them from your iPad to your students’ iPads.  Students can then answer the questions and they receive immediate feedback.  Immediate results are also sent back to the teacher’s iPad.  Did I mention this was a free app?!  Amazing!

Here’s a video with more information to help you get started.

Apps for Story Telling, Movie Making, Making Comics, Publishing and More

This is a wonderful collection of apps for classroom teachers from StoryKeepers.  Most of these apps are free and can be used in the classroom for a variety of purposes including creative writing, video producing and assessment purposes.  Just use your imagination and let your students use their imagination!

Apps We Use In Kindergarten (2013 Update)

For all of you wonderful kindergarten teachers. Of course, many of the apps listed could also be used for other ages.




The GREEN apps have a link to a post describing how I have used the app in my class. The underlined apps are new to the list.

MANY of these apps I got for FREE, follow my Free App of the Day Pinterest board to get great FREE apps each day.


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Digital Presentations

Digital presentations are a wonderful way for teachers to present information to students that will engage them and capture their attention.  They are also a good way for students to show teachers what they have learned.   Check out this article for more information.

Free Online Resources Engage Elementary Kids (Tech2Learn Series)

Having students create videos is a great way to create cross curricular lessons and allow kids time to work on collaboration skills.  It is also another fabulous example of how to use technology for assessment purposes.

Student Portfolios- Part 2

Another way to create student portfolios is using the app Three Ring.  Did I mention that this is another free app?!  Check out the following article from Free Technology For Teachers for more information.

Student Portfolios

Student portfolios are a fabulous way to organize work and provide authentic assessment.  The following article provides directions for using the Google Drive App to create  student porftolios.

Thanks again to the website Free Technology For Teachers!