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5 Tools Students Can Use to Create Alternative Book Reports

Using technology for alternatives to book reports


My child has been doing weekly book reports all done the old-fashioned way… All children in class are so demotivated by this practice.

How about considering something different?  Read more and learn about some fresh ideas link here


Free Technology for Teachers

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Podcasting To Personalize Feedback

Here’s another great idea for using technology in the classroom.  Podcasts are a fantastic way to offer feedback to students.  Or how about having students make podcasts for summative assessments?

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Text What You Learned- Using Technology To Assess

I love this video about using cell phones to assess learning in the classroom!

QR Codes

The use of QR codes in classrooms is growing rapidly.  They can be used for so many different things!!  Here is a video that can help you get started using QR codes.  I especially like the idea of having kids make an audio recording of themselves and then creating a QR code of the recording.  People can scan the code to listen to the report.  Very Cool!

Student Portfolios- Part 2

Another way to create student portfolios is using the app Three Ring.  Did I mention that this is another free app?!  Check out the following article from Free Technology For Teachers for more information.

Student Portfolios

Student portfolios are a fabulous way to organize work and provide authentic assessment.  The following article provides directions for using the Google Drive App to create  student porftolios.

Thanks again to the website Free Technology For Teachers!

Smart Response

I am so lucky to have a Smart Board in my classroom, and I am just beginning to discover the endless possibilities that a Smart Board brings to a classroom.  A Smart response system can be used for quick assessment purposes in your classroom.  Here is a video about using the Smart response system: 




Instead of having your students create a poster, try having your students create a Glogster.  This is an interactive poster that students can create and add music and video.  Great idea for using technology for assessment.  Check out this You Tube video to help you get started.


As more schools integrate technology into the curriculum, they are going paperless.  Online portfolios are a good option for collecting homework,  assigning projects, and assessing work.  Mary Beth Hertz offers some helpful hints for creating E-portfolios in your classroom.

Using Technology To Create Presentations- Move Over Power Point!

Monica Burns’ Blog has great ideas for the 1:1 Classroom.  Her article, “Creating Engaging Presentations With Free iPad Apps” is another wonderful source.  Teachers can create fun presentations to share with their students, or students can use the iPad to create presentations for assessment purposes.  Read her blog for great ideas.  Some of the free apps mentioned are Haiku Deck, Prezi, ScreenCasting, Educreations and Snap Guide.